Meet your farmer

My name is Upingakraq (time when the ice breaks) Spring Alaska Schreiner is the owner and Principal Ecologist-Indigenous Agriculturalist of Sakari Farms/Sakari Botanicals and the Central Oregon Seed Exchange. I am an enrolled member and shareholder of the Chugach Alaska Native Corporation and Valdez Native Tribe. Inupiaq lineage allows a unique/diverse cultural perspective of use of historical food systems ranging from Alaska to Oregon and regional tribal lands on Turtle Island.  Spring serves on multiple regional and national agricultural boards and educational committees and serves as an advocate for local farmers and tribal members.  Spring recevied the 2019 NASDA Women Farm to Food Award, and more recently the recepient of the 2021 Na’ahlee Tribal Fellowship.   I participate in the USDA Indian Agricultural Council, Made by Native American Export Food Program, Indigenous Seed Keepers Network, Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance, American Indian Housing Authority, Warm Springs Indian Tribe Community Garden, PNW Intertribal Food Soveriegnty Coalition and many other regional policy based boards and committees.

Sakari Farms
65060 Hwy 20 
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