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Sunshine and Snow

The sun is giving us more and more daylight as the seasons start to begin the awakening dance of spring. Its still cold here in Central Oregon and we are bundled up on the farm, making teas and salves to help aid in this turn of the season. We have begun our colder weather varieties, and they are nestled in their warm little dirt piles in our greenhouse, the onions have started to peek through! The first emergence of seed is a breath of hope, knowing that there is season ahead of us teaming with life and lessons.

Bath Salts to keep our bones warm during the colder storms

We still have winter storms ahead of us so don’t get to excited to put plants in the ground yet, they still need time to dream. In the meantime, plan your plant abundance for the year season while sipping on tea. Sit by your fire or even a bright window spot and allow the sun to reflect off the snow to kiss your face for the upcoming season. Even though we have only put some seedlings to start there are big changes here at Sakari Farms. Last winter, the front field was cleared to make for space to grow more food and flowers! It will be a joyous thing to see upon approaching the farm from the highway. More farm news is we have three new greenhouses! It was so much work but they are up and ready to shelter. We are so excited to be able to increase the services we provide this year whether it is newly developed farm product, educational opportunities on the farm as well exciting new varietals!

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